Travel Channel’s Dangerous Grounds: What Must See TV Looks Like

A Raving Review from a Raving Fan

True Story: I tried to begin a coffee review of La Colombe Coffee but I just would not shut up about La Colombe co-founder Todd Carmichael’s Travel Channel show Dangerous Grounds.  Problem is, this coffee is way too special not to have a review’s undivided attention.  Realizing that (once I get going) making me shut up is like trying to sneak a sunrise past a rooster, I decided the only thing to do was to get all of my Dangerous Grounds love out of the way, THEN proceed to the coffee reviews.

It’s like dealing with a child.

One of the most addictive and deliciously entertaining shows on television is Dangerous Grounds on the Travel Channel.   I remember when my husband and I saw the first preview for Dangerous Grounds.   We didn’t have to say anything. We knew we wouldn’t miss a single episode.

And we didn’t.

Heck, we didn’t miss a single adventure-packed, caffeinated second.

After each episode, I’d wonder how in the world Todd Carmichael (host, star) had escaped the other channels’ radars. Their loss is The Travel Channel’s gain. The man is television gold. He could host anything and make it fun and interesting.  I can take it one further – years ago, if my Accounting professor had been like Todd, I’d have actually gone to more than one class.*


We watch a lot of television.  We’re huge sports fans, so (depending on the season) college basketball, NFL, baseball, golf, and college football can be heard from at least one room in the house… along with our chorus of claps, boos, hisses, cheers, and/or ump/ref taunting.  We also love to watch shows on The Travel Channel, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Food Network, and The Cooking Channel.  There are tons of informative, entertaining, and great shows on and quite a few fall under the category of “can’t miss.”

However, television kind of needed a shot in the arm before Dangerous Grounds came along.  Viewers needed something that was fresh, innovative, and unexpected. Something that would keep them hooked on every minute and make them count the days till the next episode. Dangerous Grounds? It was that shot.

You remember what “Can’t Miss” TV looked like right?  The documentaries, dramas, or comedies that “defined” the day they were on.  The ones you sat glued to front to back – not even wanting to look away during the commercials because a trailer for the next episode might just show up!  If you’ve forgotten what Can’t Miss tv looks like, Dangerous Grounds is your reminder.

Dangerous Grounds is as addictive and life-sustaining as its subject matter!

The Travel Channel hit one out of the park with this one. Dangerous Grounds helped elevate their channel to the being named in the same conversation as the History Channel and that is no small feat. Because of Dangerous Grounds, I started tuning into the Travel Channel even more regularly and discovered that they have A LOT of great shows.

If you missed Season 1 (I’m dying for it to come out on DVD, I’d be on it faster than I’m on my first cup of coffee in the morning.), I’ll try to forgive you.  Just promise me you’ll go to Travel and catch up with episodes and scenes. See Dangerous Grounds Episodes Online.

About Dangerous Grounds from The Travel Channel:

Todd Carmichael travels the globe, hunting for the highest-grade coffee in the world. Why? Because nearly a billion people drink coffee each morning, making it the number 2 commodity in the world, second only to oil. Todd focuses on the very best coffee out there — beans so rare, they are sought after by the world’s top chefs and restaurants. Todd has to go to some of the most exotic, fascinating and dangerous places on earth to find it: from the cities, villages and mountains of Haiti, Bolivia, Madagascar, Borneo, Cuba and Vietnam. Buying the coffee beans direct from the farmers means Todd must encounter treacherous terrain, danger and sometimes, even opposition from entrenched middlemen. There’s an amazing story behind every cup.

One of the funnest things about Dangerous Grounds is the interaction between Todd Carmichael and his cameraman, “Hollywood.” Great stuff. They find their ways into and out of danger on a regular basis – all in the name of the perfect cup of coffee.  I don’t know what more I can say other than it’s a helluva ride and one I wouldn’t miss a second of. And, no, I don’t leave the room even for commercials. I make sure our snacks and drinks are all within reach because this gal isn’t going to budge for 60 minutes.

Whether you, too, are already a die-hard fan or you’re  a brand new one – you’ll want to see the Dangerous Grounds section on Travel Channel’s website. You’ll find Q&As with Todd Carmichael, Coffee Facts, great Pictures, some of Todd’s recipes, and a lot more.

I’ll let you know the minute I find out the premiere date for season 2.  I foresee an all out, day long party in our household – coffee, chocolate cake, more coffee, more chocolate cake… Yes, as a matter of fact, that is how we party.

* Disclaimer: I actually only made 1/2 the  class. When the professor said, “You have a 15 minute break,” I interpreted it as, “Here’s your getaway!”

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  1. magilla gorilla sweet treats says

    Ahh Haaaa, So I,m not the only nut on the planet that can not get enough of this show.. I like it so much, that when I visit phila once a month for my haircut, I head right on over to the plant and pick up whatever that coffee nut Todd has brought back to the U.S.. I even got to have a quick chat with him and his lovely wife on one visit.. The staff is getting to no the Magilla when he arrives at the plant because I,m usually so fired up, I can,t control my self.. lol.. I love the place, I love the show and most importantly, I love the coffee!!..

  2. says

    Magilla, I’m not just green with envy here.. I’m a whole new shade of green! You’re definitely not the only fanatic for this show (or La Colombe’s great coffee) – when Dangerous Grounds is on in our house (even re-runs, mind you), no one breathes, no one moves… not even the cat.

    Thanks so much for leaving your comment – it’s always GREAT to hear from another fan(atic)! – Joi

  3. says

    I don’t get the Travel Channel so I have to watch episodes of their shows online…this one’s a can’t-miss, though! I would also love the Season One DVD when/if it’s available. And great write-up…even if I weren’t a fan of the show or coffee (HA!), you would make me want to try them out!

  4. says

    I love this show so much, its must-see tv for sure. I cant wait for it to come back on air.. I love all the exotic locations and all the great information… and of course the coffee beans! glad to see other fans of the show on here!

  5. Ray says

    In April, my sister told me about Dangerous Grounds. Her exact words were “you HAVE to watch this show!” So I watched it, and I developed an immediate dude crush on Todd Carmichael. The show is great – educational while being absolutely captivating at the same time. Todd is one of those rare, amazing individuals that just has that certain spark inside of him that makes him special. I feel like a moth drawn to his flame… like I said, total dude crush! I’ve now tried several coffees from La Colombe. I have had Madagascar Sama Estate, Kenya Kirinyaga, Ethiopia Gera, Colombia Pedregal, and Panama Hacience La Esmeralda. I have even tried the Louisiane blend. All amazing coffees, but my absolute favorite as been the Papua New Guinea Iloko Village. I love being able to point folks to the episode videos on the Travel Channel website and saying, “look, these are the faces of the people who grew my coffee. Can you show me the people who grew yours?”

  6. says


    Hi! I’ve written down the blends you named and plan on trying out the ones I haven’t tried yet. The Mexican is simply OUT OF THIS WORLD!

    I totally agree about Todd Carmichael. Each episode makes me wonder, “How have other networks and producers missed this guy?!?!” He’s TV magic. It says a lot about Travel Channel’s eye for talent.

    Can’t wait for the new season!!! – Joi


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