Quick and Easy Fried Green Tomatoes with Cracker Barrel’s Corn Muffin Mix

Plus: Have You Seen Cracker Barrel's Online Store???

Cracker Barrel Corn Muffin MixIf you’re lucky enough to live near a Cracker Barrel, the mere mention of the name probably has you licking your lips. Unfortunately, these wonderful restaurants aren’t found throughout the country, so odds are you may not have ever even eaten at one.

Bless your heart! – Which is, of course, Southern for, “I’m so very sorry for your misfortune. I wish there was something I could do or say to make it all better. If you ever need anything, I’m here for you.”  It’s just so much easier to say, Bless your heart!

Cracker Barrel serves home-style food that’s always delicious.  Mashed potatoes, gravy, fried chicken, fried catfish, green beans, greens, salads, hash-brown casserole, fried apples, carrots, pancakes, eggs, bacon… the list goes on and on.

Whether you live near a Cracker Barrel or not, you’ll get a kick out of their online store. You can find a lot of food products, baking mixes, vintage candies, jellies, etc.  You can also find GREAT holiday decorations, toys, and other non-food related goodies, too, but (as always) I’m focused on food right now.

See the box of Corn Muffin Mix above? This mix makes AMAZING corn  muffins – whether you use the recipe on the side that calls for bacon grease or the one that doesn’t. Either way is delicious.

In addition to wonderful corn muffins (which are Heavenly with a pot of chilli, pinto beans, or great northern beans), this corn muffin mix is excellent for coating vegetables before frying. For my fried okra, green tomatoes, and squash, I’ve always used a combination of yellow cornmeal and flour – with more generosity extended to the cornmeal.  Yesterday morning, I wanted to fry up a few little green tomatoes from the garden for my husband’s breakfast and found that – egads! – I was completely out of cornmeal.

I saw my box of Corn Muffin Mix sitting on the pantry shelf and thought I’d give it a try. Not only was it easier than whipping out flour AND cornmeal, I didn’t have to mentally calculate the ratio of flour to cornmeal. I simply poured a little of the corn muffin mix into a tray, sliced the tomatoes and gave them a quick bath in beaten egg, then gave coated them with the corn muffin mix.

Into the hot oil they went. The corn muffin mix didn’t pull away from the tomatoes or melt into the oil like some coatings tend to do. It clung to the tomatoes like a champ and tasted fantastic.  I’ve got a bit of a salt fetish, so I did sprinkle salt on them after they came out of the skillet.  They probably didn’t even need it, but I seldom let an opportunity to use my salt grinder pass by.

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Fried Green Tomatoes and Eggs on Toast

If you’ve never made an egg sandwich on toast with fried green tomatoes, what in the world are you waiting for? A lot of grocery stores even carry green tomatoes in the produce department.  They’re also great with eggs on English Muffins or Bagels, but I wasn’t too fancy on this particular morning.

Don’t tell anyone, but even the bread I used was off brand. Shhhh…

If you live near a Cracker Barrel, you can find the Muffin Mix (as well as the goodies below) in their “Country Store.” The rest of you (Bless your heart!) can shop on Cracker Barrel’s website and get your goodies delivered right to your door.

The following are more of my favorites from Cracker Barrel:

I’m afraid I’m getting too hungry to continue, so just click through and look around.  Believe me, you’ll be glad you did.



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