When Food Network and Pigs Combine, My World Completely Lights Up

Guy Fieri's Pig Cutting Board Certainly Flips the Switch

Guy Fieri Pig Cutting Board

As you know, I collect pigs (in addition to just about every other animal you could name). You probably also know that I’m obsessed with (and collect) all things Food Network.

When my inner Elly May Clampett, and her love of all critters, combines with my inner kitchen snob (“Well… if Food Network’s logo isn’t on the box… I just don’t know…“) – look out. Fireworks on the brain.

The gorgeous Guy Fieri 11×14-in. Pig Cutting Board, Black Border is the latest spark that caused  brain fireworks.


  • An everyday cutting board for a variety of food prep tasks
  • Non-slip grip provides stability and safety during cutting
  • Non-absorbent
  • Reversible cutting surface
  • Gentle on blades, won’t dull knives
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
Click through for a closer look.  This beautiful cutting board is less than $13.   You know what that means.. you can buy one to use and one for show.

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