Halloween Dessert: Simple No Bake Oreo Cheesecake

Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Halloween Oreos, Cool Whip...

No Bake Oreo Halloween Cheesecake

A No Bake Cheesecake That’s Perfect for Halloween

I took off for Kroger a few days ago with a single purpose in mind:  Buy any and all ingredients necessary to make a dessert that’s:

  • Cream Cheese-y
  • Chocolate-y
  • Halloween-Themed
  • Quick and Easy

The first two are self-explanatory – I live for the flavors of cream cheese and chocolate. The third is because I believe in squeezing every bit out of each season and having so much fun  people think you’ve finally snapped your twig.

The quick and easy part was because I wanted it asap.  The beautiful thing about this recipe is there are very few ingredients – meaning not only is it quick, easy, and inexpensive, but more importantly, the cheesecake flavor isn’t interrupted by anything trying to upstage it.

I normally use regular Oreos for this cheesecake but I’d spied Oreo’s Halloween version a few days ago and thought they’d be extra cute.  They were. (They’re also extra cute in a large glass jar – extra points if it’s a glass pumpkin-shaped jar.)

I have a large family that eats dessert like it’s their job, so I always double recipes. However, I’ll just give the single version below, because not everyone lives with a pack of cute wolves.

No Bake Oreo Halloween Cheesecake

1 prepared chocolate cookie crumb crust pie (or make your own Oreo Crust pie if you have the time and inclination)
1 regular tub of Cool Whip, thawed
1 block of Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Halloween Oreos (or regular Oreos)

Set the block of Philadelphia Cream Cheese out and allow it to get soft and smooshy. When softened, beat it with a mixer until it’s a consistency you can fold into the whipped topping. Combine the two and try… just try… to keep your fingers out of it.

Crumble up the desired amount of cookies and fold them into the Philadelphia Cream Cheese mixture. Pour gently into your cookie crumb crust.

Optional (but highly recommended): Add some pieces of Oreos to the top.

*** Notice how I annoyingly keep referring to it as Philadelphia Cream Cheese as opposed to cream cheese? That’s for effect – the effect being this: When making anything involving cream cheese, you’ll want to go with Philadelphia Cream Cheese. If you want the best-tasting results with a dessert (or any recipe, for that matter), you should use the best ingredients. Philadelphia Cream Cheese is the best, period.

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