Introduction to Green Smoothies

So, Why Should You Be Drinking Green Smoothies Every Day?

How Green Smoothies Saved My Life

I’m sure you’ve heard of green smoothies – they’re taking the health world by storm. They’re insanely good for you and even help promote weight loss while they promote better health.  My family has fallen in love with green smoothies and we’re becoming ambassadors for how they make you feel.

I’ve written several articles on my self help website about green smoothies (each one will open in a new window):

I hope you’ll take the time to read these articles and book reviews. If you’re short on time right now, bookmark them and come back when you have more time.

I really want you to read the articles in their entirety because I know how great they are for you. That’s why I won’t really go into detail here.  I will, however, just give you a quick rundown on these green super heroes:

  • If you need to lose weight, you can do so by adding just one green smoothie to your day.  My husband and I have ours as breakfast. Not only do they give us a boost of energy, they replace the unhealthy breakfast options we’d probably eat instead.
  • My youngest son-in-law HATES every green vegetable known to man, except for green beans. The boy won’t even eat a salad! I have gotten him completely hooked on green smoothies. Not only does he love the fact that they’re so good for him, he has become addicted to how good they make him feel.
  • My daughter Emily says the thing she loves most about green smoothies is the energy they give her. She works with kids all day, so energy is of the utmost importance to her!
  • When I’ve overeaten one day, I have two green smoothies the next day – my regular one at breakfast, plus one either at lunch or after supper. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse.
  • I’m such a component of green smoothies that I’ve made a new category for them on my self help blog as well as here on my food blog. I’ll post more recipes, tips, and tricks regularly under this category.


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