Dear Rachael Ray Little Hoot & Snowman Dessert Plates, I Love You

Love the Snowman, Love the Owl, Love the Scarf, Love the Snow...

Rachael Ray Dessert Plates


The adorable Christmas dishes above are the Rachael Ray Set of 4 Little Hoot & Snowman Dessert Plates from The Food Network. When I first saw them, I believe my exact words were, “Mus have. Must, must, must have.”

Fortunately the whole set is only $20, because when something makes me throw around the “must”s like that, it’s as good as on its way.

These 4 dessert plates are 8” and ready and willing to serve up your cookies, pies, cakes, and candies beautifully.  I love the fact that, while they’re perfectly suited for Christmas, they could be enjoyed all winter long.   That’s why I was relieved there weren’t any elves or Santas lurking around. It’s almost impossible to explain them away when February rolls around.

See Rachael Ray Set of 4 Little Hoot & Snowman Dessert Plates for more information and to check out the other great plates, gadgets, etc. for the holidays and beyond.

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