Rachael Ray Fancy Boy Grinders: 24/7 Seasoning and Pink Himalayan Salt

How Did I Ever Get By Without These Beauties?!

Rachael Ray Fancy Boys Grinders

So there I was shopping in my local Kroger recently, minding my own business.  I was in the spice aisle, grabbing a box of baking soda (something I’m almost always low on) when a couple of colorful orange topped grinders on the top shelf caught my eye.

Right away, without even seeing the picture or name on the front, I knew they were Rachael Ray. As you may know, if you read the food blog regularly, I’m a HUGE fan of all things Rachael Ray – so it only makes sense that my radar would go off.

Naturally they both went immediately into the cart.

One of my new found treasures is the Rachael Ray’s 24/7 Seasoning Grinder (on the left in the picture above). The other is the especially lovely Rachael Ray Pink Himalayan Salt Grinder.  I have used them religiously since first bringing them home and absolutely swear by them.  They add so much flavor and personality to everything and, at the risk of sounding insanely girly, they look sooooooo pretty sitting on the counter.

I just have to point that out – besides, I’m a girly girl, what do I care if I sound girly?!?!

I’ve seen these two particular grinders in several stores around town, and I just assumed that’s all there were.

Boy was I wrong.

A quick search on Amazon turned up SCADS of these beautiful Rachael Ray Fancy Boy Grinders and yes, as a matter of fact, I must have each and every one. Check them out in the slideshow below – click through any that catch your eye.

If the slideshow doesn’t show up for you, simply click the following link: Rachael Ray Fancy Boy Grinders.

You are absolutely going to love these grinders.

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