Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix Review

For Weight Management and Healthy Nutrition... The Delicious Way!

Vi-Shape Drink

I have a new obsession I’m anxious to tell you about – very anxious, in fact, because it meets several important criteria:

  1. Healthy
  2. Delicious
  3. Simple

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get healthier, or maintain your weight, Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix is something you’ll want to read up on.  This shake mix is so incredibly versatile and delicious, you’ll have a lot of fun discovering new ways to enjoy it.

My favorite ways to enjoy Vi-Shape Mix:

  • Smoothies: Simply add 2 scoops of Vi-Shape to 8 – 12 oz of nonfat milk, whole milk, 2 % milk, or even Almond Milk. By adding fun extras like fruit juice, chia seeds, flax seeds, frozen fruit, or powdered coffee – you could conceivably come up with a different smoothie every day of the month!
  • Add Vi-Shape Mix to your favorite green smoothies for a little more flavor and nutritional bang. It even makes the harshest greens more agreeable.
  • For a flavorful, healthy “pick-me-up,” mix a scoop of Vi-Shape Mix with cold water and stir.  Add a little fresh fruit and you have a pretty little mid-day pick-me-up (pictured above).
  • I’ve even used Vi-Shape Nutritional Mix in baking. I’m minutes from posting a cookie recipe I recently came up with: Muesli Chocolate Banana Cookies.

Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix comes with AMAZING flavor pouches that give you even more variety and possibilities. When trying the different flavors, I kept trying to decide which one was my favorite and I kept coming up with the same answer, “Whichever one I was drinking at the time!” Seriously, they are fantastic.

Oddly enough, though, I think I may prefer the Vi-Shape all by itself. There’s an eerily (and ironic) flavor of vanilla cake that makes my taste buds happy.  While my brain calculates the nutritional value and fantastic calorie budgeting, my taste buds are convinced it must be somebody’s birthday.

Nutritional Benefits

  • Two shakes a day help melt the pounds away
  • Provides healthy vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber
  • Supports lean muscle mass

I strongly recommend Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix. Click the link for more nutritional facts, informative videos, and ordering information.


Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake mix

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