THE Best Drinking Glass is a Drinking Jar

The Handle Does it For Me

There’s enjoying a glass of iced tea, and then there’s enjoying a glass of iced tea! My aunt has always had a great little collection of glass jars with handles. For as long as I can remember, when any of us have tea (or Diet Dr. Pepper or.. egads!… water) at her house, it’s in one of these great little jars with handles.  The one pictured here is one of a Libbey Country Fair 16-Ounce Drinking Jar with Handle, Set of 12 (available on Amazon).

My aunt’s tea was (and is) always so good, too. She never sweetens her tea, and even though I usually prefer sweet tea, her’s always tastes great to me.  I’m convinced she has some sort of a little secret that only aunts are privy to.  At any rate, she got me hooked on drinking jars with handles.

For one thing, I prefer drinking out of glass because plastic sometimes tastes like dish washing liquid.

Never a good thing.

I’m also convinced, in my strange little brain, that you’re able to get glass cleaner than plastic.  Does that make perfect sense? No. Do I have any proof of my assessment? Of course not.  But the fact that it “feels” cleaner to me is more than enough reason for me to choose glass over plastic.

The advantage these glass drinking jars have over a lot of other glasses is their thickness. They don’t break as easily, which is a huge advantage to someone as accident prone and clumsy as I am.  Even I can carry one of these babies around the house or yard without the scenario ending in 1, 3, or 26 band aids.

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